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Plumbing Fixtures

Placement of Plumbing Fixtures:

No plumbing fixture shall be installed below the elevation of the rim of such adjacent sewer manhole as shall be determined by the inspector of plumbing of the Town of Danvers, unless such fixture or fixtures shall be protected against the back flow of sewage by a back flow valve and a gate valve for each residential unit and installed of such quality and in such manner as to satisfaction of the said inspector of plumbing. The aforesaid gate valve or valves shall be accessible for the use of the occupant or occupants of the residential unit.

Andrew Nichols III, M.D., Chairman
Richard B. Staples
C. Everett Elliott

Effective: Upon Publication
Adopted by vote: January 12, 1970
Published in the Danvers Herald, Danvers, MA: January 22, 1970
Filed with DEP/DWPC: February 22, 1990

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