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Pride on Social Media


 Founded by DHS students, the Anti-Discrimination Club regularly shares resources and artwork committed to combatting discrimination within the Danvers community. Follow the group on Instagram @dhs_diversity_.


Eeka McLeod is a single foster/adoptive mom raising her three children with special needs. Her oldest, Evan, is gender non-conforming and has a love for all things Disney! Eeka shares her journey raising her kids, promoting Pride in their everyday lives, and offers tips on how parents can support their children as they navigate gender identity. Follow Eeka, Evan, Eli and Ella on Instagram @TheMcLeodFamily.


Last year, Nick and Patrick Drummond bought a historic home in upstate New York with the intention of restoring it to its former glory. But when they started to gut it, jugs of rum fell out of the walls, trap doors with secret compartments were discovered, and they soon learned it had been a stash house during Prohibition! Follow their journey on Instagram as they restore their home and investigate the previous occupants and history of the house at @BootleggerBungalow.

Artwork by Noelle Borbeau

Animal Rescue

Casey and Amanda Sherrod run an animal rescue league out of their home in Houston. Current guests include a teacup piglet, baby cow, parakeet, a baby goat, and a whole bunch of dogs and cats. In addition to their animal rescue, Casey serves in the US Army, and the two are moms to son Wyatt. Follow them on Instagram @manda_sherrod and @caseyriveter.

Bootlegger Bungalow
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