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Private Wells

Private wells installed to serve as the source of drinking water for any person or persons shall be not less than one hundred (100) feet in depth, measuring from the ground surface to the level of intake water from the aquifer, and shall be sealed with cement grout or equivalent at an impervious soil layer between the ground surface and the level of the aquifer from which water is being drawn. The Board of Health may at its discretion, waive the one hundred (100) foot depth requirement on application, if an owner or applicant can substantiate that the well from which the water is to be drawn, is in fact the equivalent of a deep water well.

Richard B. Staple, Chairman
C. Everett Elliott
Anthony S. Patton, M.D.

Effective: June 29, 1979
Adopted by vote: May 14, 1979
Published in the Danvers Herald, Danvers, MA: June 28, 1979
Filed with the DEP/DWPC: January 8, 1990

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