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Project Timeline

Construction of the Danvers Ivan G. Smith Elementary School will be broken down into five phases to allow for the existing elementary school to operate fully throughout the school year and to mitigate the impact of construction on student learning. Below is a breakdown of each phase along with  the timeline and associated construction activities:

  • Phase 1A (Summer 2019 – Spring 2020):

Summer work during this phase commences with site mobilization and initial site enabling work including surveying, establishing limits of work, temporary fencing install, construction trailers set-up, and earthwork to bring the site to final grade. Moving into the Fall of 2019 and Spring of 2020, major construction activities will include building foundations, structural steel, concrete slabs, and exterior envelope (wall framing, sheathing, roofing). Construction fencing at this time will encompass the existing field (new building footprint) and the South lot (contractor parking lot), however public access through Orrantia Circle and the existing school service entrance will still be allowed.

  • Phase 1B (Summer 2020):

During this phase, the construction team will take full advantage of the summer break and light traffic through Orrantia Circle to allow for completion of the bus loop and parking lot at the South side. While developing the south side hardscape, the team will also progress with interior framing allowing for rough mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection (MEPFP) systems to begin. New building site utilities will also be tied into public structures and services. In order to construct the new bus loop and establish utility tie-ins at the South side, the construction fencing will be extended across Orrantia Circle to delineate traffic into two distinct groups: school and construction.

  • Phase 1C (Fall 2020 – Spring 2021):

Construction during this phase will be visually appealing to the public eye and will signify the forthcoming school completion. The construction fencing will only encompass the building footprint and previous service entrance allowing public access down Orrantia Circle and use of the new bus loop. Major construction activities during this phase include finish work of building systems (MEPFP), interiors (flooring, painting, etc.), exteriors (windows/curtainwalls, doors), hardscapes, landscapes, and site finishes (benches, playground, etc). By late Spring of 2021, the new elementary school will be completed, and the construction fencing will be removed allowing for building occupancy.

  • Phase 2A (Summer 2021):

Work during this phase will limit site access through Orrantia Circle. Again, site vehicle traffic will be split into two distinct groups: school and construction; however, this time the sides have flipped. Public traffic in this phase will be limited to school staff and emergency vehicles who will access through the western side of Orrantia (down Lobao Drive). Smith School staff/admin will move into the new school in preparation for the first year opening in September 2021! Once complete, abatement of the existing school will take place followed by demolition and paving of the remaining driveway of Orrantia Circle.

  • Phase 2B (Fall 2021):

Come Fall of 2021, Orrantia Circle will revert to a one-way. Remaining work during this phase will involve paving the new parking lot located at the existing building’s footprint. Final landscaping/planting will be completed, construction presence will be demobilized, and the entire project will be completed by the end of 2021.

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