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Propane Tank Permits

To ensure that all propane tank installations are completed in accordance with the requirements of the Massachusetts Fire Prevention Regulations, the Danvers Fire Department requires the following conditions be met for the issuance and final approval of a permit to install and store propane:

  • A permit from the Danvers Fire Department shall be required for any new AST/UST propane tank installation. Any change in venders or location of tanks will require a permit application from the Fire Department.
  • All propane tank installations shall comply with the Massachusetts Fire Prevention Regulation 527 CMR 1, Chapter 69 and NFPA 58.  Any AST or UST propane tank with a storage capacity of 500 gallons or greater shall require Fire Department approval on tank placement prior to installation. No permit shall be issued without said approval.
  • Any newly installed AST or UST propane tank with a capacity of 500 gallons or greater, shall be inspected prior to receiving a delivery of propane.
  • The Danvers Fire Department shall be notified upon completion of any propane tank installation (including smaller tanks) so that a final inspection can be conducted.

If you have any questions regarding these requirements, please contact the Danvers Fire Department at 978-762-0245.

Use this Application for Propane Permit for all propane tank installations.  A completed application shall be sent to Lt. Jay Wessell for review.  A$50 fee shall be paid for all propane permits at UniPay.


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