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How do I apply for a Hawker, Peddler Vendor or Food Truck License

The Town Clerk is the Local Licensing Authority.   An applicant for a Hawker, Peddler, Transient Vendor, Food Truck License must file an application with the Town Clerk.

The fee for an annual license is $50 and will expire on December of the current year.  The fee may be waived for those who have and can produce a current state vendor license.  Applicants must also appear with  a valid picture ID and proof of insurance.  All Food Trucks require sign offs by the Board of Health and Fire Department.

A completed form with appropriate departmental sign off is required for the request.

You may contact Catherine Ellsworth, Assistant Town Clerk  at 978-777-0001 x.3046 cellsworth@danversma.gov , or the Office of the Town Clerk with any questions or to obtain an application.

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