The Town of Danvers new, easy-to-use online payment platform with more ways to view and pay your utility bill, plus the ability to pay by phone and via text message is now available.
Level 3 - Drought Conditions - Outdoor Watering w sprinklers/irrigation systems allowed Tues/Thurs/Sat ONLY, 7:00PM-8:00AM.  Hand watering & car washing allowed anytime.
Peak Savings event Wednesday, July 17 from 3PM-7PM. Please conserve energy during this time.

How do I apply for a retail Liquor License?

The Board of Selectmen is the Local Liquor Licensing Authority.   An applicant for a liquor license must filed a complete ABCC application with the Town Clerk along with the following fees:  $200 payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, $75 payable to the Town of Danvers for a filing fee and $50 payable to the Town of Danvers for advertising costs, where applicable and the following documentation: detailed floor plans, a written policy describing the intended practice of patron age verifying and monitoring of alcohol consumption on the premises and an ABCC approved Certificate of Insurance.

You may contact the Office of the Town Clerk with any questions.

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