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How do I request Military Awards and Decorations?

During service each veteran receives recognition in the form of awards based on when, where or how the service was performed. Generally the awards to which a veteran is entitled are listed on the discharge papers or DD214. At times, either due to a later awarding, a new award issuance, or oversight by the clerk/yeoman, the award is authorized but not on the discharge. With the Congressional concern over the wearing of awards not earned (the “Stolen Valor Act”) we want to help you to receive all the awards you should have, and be able to document they were authorized. This National Archives website will provide the necessary details for requesting the appropriate awards and decorations.

If awards are lost or stolen, every veteran is entitled to one replacement set of awards during a lifetime. The authorization for these replacement awards is obtained through the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC), which sends the listing to the appropriate issuing authority based on your branch of service, with a copy to you. The issuing authority will send you the awards, but the listing of awards sent from NPRC is proof that you have earned the awards. We will be pleased to assist you with obtaining the replacements.



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