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What is being done about mosquitoes?

4 D's of mosquito prevention

The Danvers Board of Health in conjunction with the MA Department of Agricultural Resources, Northeast Massachusetts Wetlands Management and Mosquito Control District, and the MA Department of Public Health conducts routine surveillance for the presence of disease.  Mosquitoes are trapped, the species of mosquito collected is identified, and testing for West Nile Virus, and Eastern Equine Encephalitis is conducted.

In general, we advise all residents and visitors to assume the presence of West Nile Virus, or other diseases transmitted by mosquitoes. Preventing the bite is your best bet in preventing the illness they may transmit.  So remember the 4 D’s of prevention.

  1. Dusk and Dawn – Mosquitoes are most active during these times, so avoiding the outdoors when possible before dawn and after dusk will reduce your exposure.
  2. Defend yourself with DEET – Use a repellent with DEET and be sure to follow label directions. Also, be sure to check all of your screens for holes and make sure doors and windows are tight fitting around the edges.
  3. Dress in long sleeves, pants and socks when outdoors if feasible. Covering up will prevent bites. If you’re wearing a thin layer of clothing, apply repellent as well.
  4. Drain – Check your gutters, downspouts and turn over any object capable of, or containing water to prevent their breeding. If you have areas of your property where water stands from time to time, amending the soil to drain may be an option as well.

Please visit the Board of Health’s Pest Management page here:

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