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Regulations & Codes

State Mandated Regulations & Inspections

Code Statute Inspection Schedule
105 CMR 123.000 (PDF) Tanning Facilities 2 times a year plus upon complaint
105 CMR 300.000 (PDF) Communicable and Infectious Disease Reporting, Isolation and Quarantine Follow-up required by Public Health nurse on all diseases
105 CMR 410.000 (PDF) Minimum Standard for Human Habitation Upon request
105 CMR 430.000 (PDF) Recreational Camps for children 2 times a year plus upon complaint
105 CMR 435.000 (PDF) Minimum Standards for Swimming Pools Monthly and/or Upon complaint
105 CMR 445.000 (PDF) Bathing Beach Weekly during season plus water sample and upon complaint
105 CMR 460.000 Lead Poison and Control (lead paint code) Upon complaint
105 CMR 590.000 (PDF) Minimum Sanitation Standards for Food Establishments 1-4 times a year plus illness and complaint
105 CMR 675.000 (PDF) Air Quality for Indoor Skating Rinks Annually plus complaint or high readings
310 CMR 15 (PDF) Minimum Requirements for Subsurface Disposal of Sanitary Sewage (Title V) Upon complaint
310.CMR 7.00 (PDF) Air Pollution Control Regulations Upon complaint
310 CMR 7.18 Automotive Refinishing Regulation Upon complaint
Chapter 98 41, 43 Weight and Measures (scales and gas pumps) Annually
310 CMR 15.000  Title 5 Upon Complaint
Mass General Law Chapter 111 section 122 Public Health Nuisance Law Upon complaint
Mass General Law Chapter 111 24 Universal Immunization (Elder Influenza Clinic) Annually
Mass General Law Chapter 252 Mosquito Control Seasonally, upon complaint
Rabies Control and Quarantine (PDF) Rabies Control and Quarantine Per incident


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