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Sandy Beach, Annual Report

Posted on September 7, 2017

Sandy Beach, Annual Report

Labor Day marks the end of water quality testing at Sandy Beach for the year and the Board of Health receives a brief report from their staff at the conclusion of testing.  This year, Sandy Beach did quite well in terms of bacteria levels.

To summarize the requirements in Massachusetts for a Public Bathing Beach, a sample must be taken weekly.  The results of a single sample must not exceed 104 colony forming units per 100mL of Enterococci.  Enterococci itself does not cause human illness. It is simply an indicator of pollution.  In addition to the single sample limits, the geometric mean of the 5 most recent samples shall not exceed 35.

The weekly results for single samples showed three exceedances this year, all of which occurred after very heavy rainfall events.  This is why it is vital that trash and animal feces not be put into our storm drains or left on the streets and sidewalks.  Eventually, it will contaminate our surface waters.

 Single Sample Graph

In the first graph above, you can see our Geometric Mean results.  None of which failed.

The second graph shows our single sample results including the 3 results which went over the 104 CFU/100mL requirement.

These results are in line with the history of testing at Sandy Beach.  Testing will resume once again after next Memorial Day.


-Mark L. Carleo, REHS

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