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SmartSavings Program


With our continued commitment to providing high quality, reliable and affordable electricity, Danvers Electric is offering direct rebates to customers who enroll in the new SmartSavings Program. Utilizing smart thermostats, this demand side energy savings program is being offered to residential and small business customers. If you have a NEST smart thermostat connected to your central air conditioner​, you can participate!  You will earn direct payments AND your participation helps lower the electricity peak, which benefits everyone in Danvers and New England.

This SmartSavings program will be replacing our Peak Savings program for residential and small business customers.  The large commercial and industrial Peaks Savings program is still active.  Thank you to all our customers who participated in the Peak Savings program over the last few years - your efforts made a difference in conserving energy, reducing our peak electricity demand and helping to keep rates low!

Danvers Electric customers who participate in the new SmartSavings program and adopt this leading consumer technology will receive a $60 Visa gift card for joining the program ​and a $20 Visa gift card at the end of the summer for program participation, ​as well as the benefits from energy cost savings from year-round participation.  Customers with central air condition​ing systems have two ways to participate: Bring Your Own - ​customers who already own a NEST smart thermostat can register their existing device, and New Install​ - customers can purchase and install a ​new NEST smart thermostat and enroll in the SmartSavings program.

Customers can enroll in the program by visiting and selecting the Danvers Electric logo.  Danvers Electric customers can also take advantage of our $50 rebate on new purchases of wireless enabled smart thermostats including the NEST (

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