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Student Calendars available to Danvers residents next week

Posted on January 8, 2021

Cover - Haley Liporto

The Town of Danvers Department of Public Works (DPW) is pleased to present our 2021 calendar.  This calendar recognizes the creative talents of the sixth grade art students at the Holten Richmond Middle School who participated in a Poster Contest to publicize RECYCLING.  Students learned that Danvers has dual stream recycling—meaning that residents should have one recycling bin for paper & cardboard and another recycling bin for CONTAINERS made of glass, plastic and metal.  Sometimes dual stream trucks are unavailable and single stream trucks are sent in their place, but the Town is still required by contract to put recycling out dual stream.

Students learned that not everything that is recyclable can go in your curbside bin.  If an item is NOT recyclable curbside, it is considered recycling contamination.  Although certain items can’t go in your curbside bin, there are other ways to recycle some of these items.  The students worked very hard to visually express their ideas on Danvers’ recycling program and why recycling contamination is a problem.  Students are trying to get out the message of how to recycle smart!

We are so proud of all of our contest participants!  The selected poster artists will VIRTUALLY receive a Certificate which will be presented at the January 11, VIRTUAL School Committee Meeting at 7:00pm.  Please join us for an award ceremony via Youtube:  A committee of judges who work within the Town of Danvers DPW and School Department selected thirteen posters to be featured in this calendar.

The DPW is committed to educating children about what items are recyclable in Danvers and how we can prevent recycling contamination.  Through our support of community and school projects, we hope to encourage our residents to do their part to recycle smart and help reduce our trash tonnage so we can save money while being green!  CONGRATULATIONS to all of our participants!  You have all made a difference by teaching your community to help protect our environment!

DPW Student Calendars we be available for pickup next week.  They will be placed in a box outside of Town Hall (in front of main door by the white drop off box) and  the Business Division at 2 Burroughs Street (by main entrance).  Calendars will be placed in these locations Monday-Thursday, January 11-14 from 8:30am-3:30pm and Friday, January 15 from 8:30am-11:30am.  Future distribution locations and times will be updated here.  Please only take what you need as supplies are limited.

Cover - Haley Liporto
Cover – Haley Liporto
January - Emily Sullivan
January – Emily Sullivan
February - Jasmine Vaquerano
February – Jasmine Vaquerano
March - Collin Thornburgh
March – Collin Thornburgh
April - Rylee Sheppard
April – Rylee Sheppard
May - Jackson Vaughan
May – Jackson Vaughan
June - Ava Labastie
June – Ava Labastie
July - Dalila Meyers
July – Dalila Meyers
August -Delia Smith
August -Delia Smith
September - Natalie McConnell
September – Natalie McConnell
October - Patrick Hourihan
October – Patrick Hourihan
November - Nathan Wise
November – Nathan Wise
December - Gabriella Goes
December – Gabriella Goes
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