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Subdivision of Land

Town of Danvers, Massachusetts 01923

A preliminary and/or a final plan of any subdivision of land, submitted for approval, as provided in the subdivision control law, to the Town of Danvers, after the date of publication of this regulation shall be deemed disapproved by the Board of Health of the Town of Danvers, unless the municipal sewer will be made available to the buildings to be constructed on the lots of said subdivision. If the municipal sewer will be made available for only a portion or portions of a subdivision, the Board of Health may approve said portion or portions.

Andrew Nichols, III, M.D., Chairman
C. Everett Elliott
Richard B. Staples
Adopted by vote: March 2, 1967
Published in the Danvers Herald, Danvers, MA: March 2, 1967
Filed with the DEP/DWPC: January 8, 1990

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