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Rain Barrels

The Town encourages stormwater harvesting and has a rain barrel rebate (up to $100). Please follow the link for the rebate application or apply online.

For information on Rain Barrels and how to install them, please visit the EPA's website.

Greenscapes Landscapes for Clean and Plentiful Water - Tips For Your Yard

Home Composting

The Town encourages composting and sells Earth Machine compost bins at reduced cost ($25). They can be purchased with check at the DPW, 95 Hobart Street. Please call 978-762-0231 for availability.

Please see the below video for Earth Machine compost bin assembly information and instructions for use.

Turn garbage into gold - composting at home

Composting Presentation Slideshow for above video

Please see the below video for instructions for how to compost and turn spoils into soil.

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