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Swimming Pools & Beaches

Recreational Swimming Pools

The Danvers Health Department licenses and inspects all public and semi-public swimming pools for compliance with the minimum standards for swimming pools, according to the 105 CMR 435.000 (PDF). For additional guidance documents and program updates please visit the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Division of Community Sanitation website.

Please be aware of the 2010   ADA Accessibility Requirements for Existing Swimming Pools at Hotels and Other Public Accomodations  

Pool Operators: If you plan to operate a Swimming Pool in 2021,  you may use the  Pool Inspection sheet to prepare for your upcoming inspection.

Please be advised that you are required to schedule an appointment with our office to review your facility prior to opening. Please schedule your pre-operational inspection by May 14, 2021.  Pre-operational pool inspections are scheduled for the weeks of Monday May 17 – Thursday May 27, if you intend on opening for the Memorial Day Weekend.

It is important that you have your pool ready for these inspections. If your pool is not in full compliance with all pool code requirements at the time of your inspection, your permit will not be issued.  All re-inspections required  will be charged a fee prior to scheduling.

Bathing Beaches

The Danvers Health Department licenses and inspects all public and semi-public bathing beaches within the Town of Danvers. Bathing beaches are required to meet the Minimum Standards for Bathing Beaches 105 CMR 445.000, view the 105 CMR 445.000 (PDF).

Memorial Day week marks the beginning of beach water quality testing  and the week after Labor Day weekend marks the end of  beach water quality testing at Sandy Beach for the year.  The Board of Health collects weekly beach water samples to analyze the bacterial levels contained within the sample.  The results of a single sample MUST NOT exceed 104 Colony Forming Units (CFU) per 100ML of Enterococci.  In addition to the single sample limits, the Geometric Mean of the 5 most recent samples SHALL NOT exceed 35 CFU/ML. 

In the event of an exceedance , the Danvers Health Department will conduct  follow-up testing  and post a warning sign that reads “Swimming May Cause Illness.” till a favorable bacteriological level is reached. Please see the state’s   beach webpage  and  Marine and Freshwater Beaches- Information for Boards of Health for more information on beach testing and beach closures. 

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