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Tax Classification Correction – Message from the Town Manager

Posted on November 20, 2019

Dear Danvers Taxpayers,

After conducting its annual tax classification hearing last night, the Danvers Board of Selectmen voted to adopt a shift of 1.40 from the residential class to commercial/industrial/personal property (CIP), continuing 15 years of practice maintaining a 66%/33% tax levy between residential and CIP.  The spreadsheet used to project the shift’s impact on tax rates corresponding tax impacts contained an error linking last year’s property values to this year’s estimated tax levy, which significantly overstated both the projected tax rates and tax impact on the average homeowner/business owner.

The good news is that the average tax bill is not increasing by 9.28%, as initially reported.

The average residential and commercial tax bills will be increasing by 3.72% and 3.29%, respectively, which tracks much more closely to the 3.31% levy increase approved by Town Meeting in May 2019.

A link to the corrected documents can be found here:

As your Town Manager, I should have caught this before the hearing, and I apologize for the day of anxiety caused by error.


Steve Bartha

Danvers Town Manager

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