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FAQ Topic: Parks and Recreation

Are dogs/pets allowed at Endicott Park?

Yes.  Pets are always welcome but must be on leashed unless in the designated Dog Park. Dog waste transmits disease and contaminates water supplies so please pick up after your pet.  There is $25-$100 fine for failing to comply with these Town By-Laws.

Does Endicott Park have a trash policy?

Yes.  One of the ways we keep our park so clean is by having a Carry In/Carry Out Policy. There are no trash barrels in our park.  We ask that our visitors take their trash with them.  We understand that our larger permitted groups will accumulate a lot of trash and therefore if you would … Continued

Do I need to bring my own chairs and tables for my event at Endicott Park?

Your picnic area reservation comes with at least ten picnic tables. You may bring additional chairs, tables, shade tents, nets and sports equipment as long as they don’t negatively impact the experience of other park visitors.  Activities of a higher impact may be allowed with prior approval.  Check with our staff before your event.

What are the rules for the Dog Park?

DOG PARK HOURS 9:00AM – DUSK No trespassing after hours DOG PARK RULES & REGULATIONS All dogs must be legally licensed and have proof of current rabies vaccination. All dogs must be leashed upon entering and leaving the dog park. Dogs in heat or younger than 4 months are not allowed in the park. No … Continued

Does Danvers have a dog park?

Yes, the Danvers Dog Park is located at Endicott Park, 57 Forest St.  Best access is to use the Dean St. entrance off Forest St across from St. Richard’s Church. DOG PARK HOURS 9:00AM – DUSK No trespassing after hours DOG PARK RULES & REGULATIONS All dogs must be legally licensed and have proof of … Continued

How do I get a slip at the Town’s public marina (Crane River Marina)

The Crane River Marina is the Town’s only public marina and provides dockage for 68 vessels up to 25′ in length.  Dockage space is assigned from a waiting list with Danvers residents given priority.  There is a one-time $6 fee to apply to the waiting list. Apply online at: Waiting List Application

Do I need a fishing permit for fresh water?

In Massachusetts, fishing licenses are required for all persons 15 years of age and over on inland waters. Anglers under 15 may fish, but do not need a license.  To obtain a freshwater fishing license, click here: Freshwater Fishing Licenses  

How do I rent space at Endicott Park’s Community Gardens?

The Endicott Community Gardens are located in Endicott Park, just past the entrance off Ingersoll St. There are 196 25’x25′ garden plots (with some variation) available for rent from April through November for $40.  About 5% of our garden plots open up each year and become available.  Danvers residents are given priority. Community Garden space rentals … Continued

Do I need a fishing permit for saltwater?

In Massachusetts, if you’re 16 years or older, you need a recreational saltwater fishing permit to fish in Massachusetts. This permit may be issued from Massachusetts or from a nearby state that has a reciprocity agreement with Massachusetts. For ages 16-59, the cost of the permit is $10. Ages 60+ must still have a permit … Continued

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