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FAQ Topic: Permits & Licensing

Is there a COVID Funeral Assistance Benefit Program?

On April 12, 2021 the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) began accepting applications for its Funeral Assistance Program. The funding for this program was included in the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations act of 2021, and the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. The FEMA COVID-19 Funeral Assistance program allows for funeral assistance for … Continued

How do I renew my dog license?

The preferred method to renew your dogs’ license is on-line. Please read below for details. The Town of Danvers has created on-line dog license renewals.  Beginning with March 2018 renewals, if you have provided an email address when licensing your dog, you will be sent a link to review, update, renew and pay for your … Continued

How do I apply for a Business Certificate?

You may obtain a Business Certificate at the Clerk’s Office.  The cost is $25 which is valid for four (4) years.  Please bring a valid picture ID, payment of $25 (cash or check).  You will also be required to get a sign off from the Zoning Department (located at Town Hall). Please note that if … Continued

Do I need a permit for a yard sale?

Yes, A yard sale permit is required.  You can obtain a permit during regular Town Hall hours.  There is a maximum allowed of two (2) yard sales per year at your address.  There is no cost to have a yard sale. You may not post yard sale signs on any town property, utility poles, traffic … Continued

How do I apply for a Hawker, Peddler Vendor or Food Truck License

The Town Clerk is the Local Licensing Authority.   An applicant for a Hawker, Peddler, Transient Vendor, Food Truck License must file an application with the Town Clerk. The fee for an annual license is $50 and will expire on December of the current year.  The fee may be waived for those who have and can produce a current state vendor license.  Applicants … Continued

How do I apply for a One-Day Liquor License?

The Select Board is the approval authority for One-Day Liquor Licenses.  The fee for a Wine & Malt One-Day License is $30, the fee for an All Alcoholic One-Day License is $50.  A completed application will be submitted to the Town Clerk along with appropriate departmental approvals, TIPS certification for event Manager along with a … Continued

Can I officiate a wedding ceremony for a friend or family member?

If you are not already authorized to officiate wedding ceremonies, you may apply for a one day solemnization license.  The Town of Danvers does not process these requests, please contact the State of Massachusetts  here http://one day solemnization   .

How do I apply for a Class I or Class II Dealer License?

The Select Board is the Local Licensing Authority.   An applicant for a Class I or Class 2 dealer license must filed a complete an application with the Town Clerk along with the following fees:  $200 payable to the Town of Danvers. You may contact Catherine Ellsworth, Town Clerk  at 978-777-0001 x.3046 [email protected] , or the Office … Continued

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