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FAQ Topic: Triad

What is the File of Life?

The FILE OF LIFE is a holder for conveniently storing important information such as prescriptions, medical conditions, and emergency contacts in one place. The large version comes with a magnetic strip to place securely on your refrigerator for easy visibility, for Emergency Responders who are trained to look for the prominent red and white FILE … Continued

What is the Yellow Dot Program?

The Yellow Dot Program –¬† Refers to a sticker ¬†that when fixed the window of a vehicle, alerts emergency responders that your medical information can be found in your glove compartment. Yellow Dot ID photos and Medical Information Cards for Danvers residents can be acquired by contacting the Danvers Triad at 978-762-0208, x106.

What is the Danvers Lock Box Program?

Danvers Lock Box Program* WHAT is a Lock Box? Lock Boxes are small key safes installed on the exterior of the home, usually at the top of the front door, of Danvers residents by the Danvers Fire Department. The program allows the Fire Department, the only ones with access to the key for the box, … Continued

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