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Town Meeting

Town Meeting is a group of 149 elected residents who meet each year on the 3rd Monday in May to vote on a variety of matters related to the operations of the Town including appropriating the annual budget and making changes to zoning and other by-laws.   Additional sessions of Town Meeting, known as Special Town Meetings, can be called at other time during the year, if necessary.      Town Meeting Members are elected by precinct for three-year terms.  There are eight precincts with eighteen Town Meeting Members in each Precinct.  Six Members are elected or re-elected each year.  The five selectmen also serve as Town Meeting Members. 

Serving as a Town Meeting Member is an excellent way to help shape the future of Danvers.  Running for Town Meeting is as simple as collecting and submitting signatures of 10 registered voters in your precinct who support your candidacy.

To find your Town Meeting precinct, type your address on the My Services tab.

Town Meeting Moderator:  Patricia C. Fraizer


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