Trash Limits

  • Limit of 3 bags or barrels of trash per single-family homemulti-family homes (2-4 units) may put out up to 5 bags or barrels TOTAL. Anything over these limits will be left curbside.
  • Multi-family homes with more than 4 units & all businesses are NOT eligible for ANY curbside pickup (trash/recycling/bulky item/yard waste).
  • Recycling is DUAL STREAM, mandatory and unlimited. Recycling must be put out weekly in order to have your trash picked up. You must leave your recycling bin out until your trash has been collected to ensure pickup.
  • No recyclables are allowed in the trash—your trash will not be picked up.
  • Barrels/bags/recycling bins may not be larger than 45 gallons/50 pounds. Do not overfill—nothing over the top of barrel. Anything over these limits will be left curbside.
  • All items must be curbside by 7:00 AM.
  • Call the DPW at 95 Hobart Street at 978-762-0231 or email with issues pertaining to trash, recycling, bulky item and yard waste curbside pickup.

Curbside Recycling

  • Danvers has dual stream recycling: glass containers including bottles & jars, metal containers including cans & foil, and plastic containers #1-7 may be comingled in your recycling bin.  No plastic bags!
  • Paper including newspaper, magazines, paperboard, etc. may be bagged in paper, tied or put in a separate bin.
  • Cardboard must be cut, flattened to 4’x 4’ and bundled to no thicker than 1’.  Smaller boxes may be nested.
  • Recycling may be put in any container marked for recycling or with a free “recycle” sticker that you can pick up at several Town buildings.  No plastic bags!
  • Recycling bins and carts can be purchased at the DPW, 95 Hobart Street payable by cash or check.
  • The Town encourages stormwater harvesting & composting. Rain barrels ($30) and compost bins ($30), can be purchased with cash or check at the DPW, 95 Hobart Street. Please call 978-762-0231 for availability.

The following items are NOT recyclable curbside:

  • Plastic Bags - please recycle at your local grocery or department store where you get them
  • Styrofoam - please dispose of with your regular trash - large pieces count as one item
  • Metal items - can be brought to the Transfer Station ($0.08/lb) or recycled for free during Danvers Zero Waste Recycling Weekends in the spring and fall
  • Rigid Plastic items - can be recycled at the Transfer Station for free or recycled for free during Danvers Zero Waste Recycling Weekends in the spring and fall

Placing non-recyclable items in your recycling bin may result in your recycling being left curbside.

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