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Valve Exercising Program in Progress

Posted on June 4, 2019

Valve Exercising
The purpose of the Valve Exercising Program is to exercise main line valves throughout the water distribution system to assure reliable operation and maintain water quality.  Exercising valves tells the Water Division both the location and condition of the more than 3,000 valves across Danvers.
Valves are exercised on a regular cycle that is designed to prevent a buildup of internal and external corrosion in the pipes as a result of mineral deposits that could render the valve inoperable or prevent a tight shutoff.  Each year, the Water Division exercises approximately 1,000 valves, an important preventative maintenance measure that can pinpoint small issues before they could become big problems during a water main break.  Minor repairs or replacements are performed during valve exercising, while some valves may need to be completely excavated and replaced. 
Valve exercising is currently taking place in the North Street area where we have encountered some valves that need to be excavated and replaced
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