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Variance Request

When requesting a variance from our Department, you are asking for permission to conduct a specialized food process or for some other change to your operation that varies from the Code. Varying the Code may present a danger to public health, and therefore an “approved” variance is required.  Specialized processes can include : smoking, curing, sprouting, fermentation, drying, operating a raw molluscan shellfish tank life support tank, using food additives to render a food not potentially hazardous, using reduced oxygen packaging, and custom processing of animal. Each variance request for a specialized processing method MUST be accompanied by a HACCP plan.

A request for variance from the requirements of the  2013 FDA Food Code,  Danvers Health Code,  or the Massachusetts  Department of Public Health Food Code (105CMR 590.00) will only be considered if the form is filled out completely. Approval will only be granted if, in the opinion of the Board of Health , the reasoning for variance is sound and variance request will not create a health hazard or nuisance condition.

Variance requests will be heard at the Monthly BOH meetings that occur every first Thursday of each month. Please fill out the Variance Request form below and submit to the Health Department.


  • Address of Facility Location * Required
  • Please provide your first and last name/Company name.
  • Address of Licensee/Owner/Company * Required
  • List the Section Number(s) and portion of the Code for variance request.
  • Please be sure to attach a menu.
  • ONLY ANSWER THIS SECTION IF #3 ABOVE HAS BEEN COMPLETED. Please provide a specific reason(s) why compliance with the Code is impossible or impractical at this point in time (with the relative sections noted) and can not currently be met.
  • Please explain what practices will be put in place to prevent potential public health hazards and nuisances.
  • Please submit/attach HACCP Plans if required.
  • Please be sure to sign your name.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
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