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Veterans’ Bill of Rights

M.G.L. ch. 115 and 108 CMR (Code of Massachusetts Regulations) You have a right to:

• File a written application for veterans’ benefits at any time. You can insist upon this right, even if told that you are not eligible. [108 CMR 4:02 (1)];

• Receive assistance from your local Veterans’ Service Officer (VSO) in completing your application (M.G.L. ch. 115, s. 3);

• Receive a full explanation of the services and benefits available under M.G.L. ch. 115, as well as other available benefits;

• Receive a written notice and explanation of the approval or denial of your application for benefits (108 CMR 8.02);

• Be treated with dignity and respect and to receive accurate, courteous, and timely service;

• Appeal and request a hearing if you disagree with any action taken in your case [108 CMR 8.07 (1)];

• Expect confidentiality: personal information will not be collected or used except for the purpose of determining your eligibility for benefits (M.G.L. ch. 40, s.51);

• Receive fair and equal treatment without regard to sex, race, religion, handicap, ethnicity, or national origin (M.G.L. ch. 151B, s.3);

• Preference in public employment (M.G.L. ch.31, s.12, 26, 28 and ch. 41, s.112).

For additional information on your rights, speak to your local town Veteran Service Officer (VSO).  Search here for the VSO serving your city or town. For more information, you can also visit the Massachusetts Department of Veterans’ Services on the web or call  617-210-5480.

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