Water Main Flushing Moving into Zone 4

Posted on April 14, 2017

The Water Division will be conducting its annual flushing program of the water distribution system beginning on Monday, March 27.  Flushing is done annually in the spring to remove sediment which has settled out and collected in the system during the past year.

We expect flushing to take approximately 4 weeks to complete.  A combination of work day hours (7am – 3pm) and evening hours (3pm – 7pm) will be used to complete the program.  There will also be few days in different parts of Town that will require early morning flushing (3 am – 7am) due to potential traffic volume.  On Saturdays flushing will occur 5 am – 9 am.

The program will begin in the northwestern part of Town at the Middleton line, and will be flushed in a southeasterly direction finishing in the Danversport area. The Town has been divided up into 6 sections with the first section being between RT 62 and RT 114 from the Middleton line to the RT 95 corridor.

You may notice some discoloration of the water when first used.  Please run your cold water first for a few minutes to clear out any discoloration.  It should clear up on its own within 1 hour; any lasting problems should be reported to the Water Division at 978-762-0231.

A real-time map is available below and on social media to see where the flushing is occurring and how it is progressing.  Any questions about the program should be directed to the number mentioned above.

We thank you for your cooperation and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.



Flushing will be starting in Zone 4 which is bordered by Cabot Road on the west, Poplar and Elliott Streets up to Route 128 on the south, the City of Beverly on the east, and Wildwood Road on the north. On Saturday, April 15 flushing will occur from 5:00 am to 1:00 pm, and on Patriots Day, Monday, April 17 flushing will occur from 5:00 am to 9:00 am.

Poplar St – Locust St to Elliott St
Elliott St – Poplat to Rte 128
Conant St from Poplar to Berverly Line
Burley St – Conant St to Cabot Rd
Chestnut St
Columbia Rd
Puritan Rd
Chapel Rd
Shetland Ave
Morningside Dr
Belgian Rd
No. Belgian Rd
Grove St
Brookvale Dr
Sycamore St
Cabot St – Chestnut St to Burley St
Mass Ave to Cabot St
Sherwood Ave – Cabot St to Burley Str
Coolidge Rd
Amherst St
Bowdoin St
Colgate Rd
Exeter St
Danvers High School
Cornell Rd
Norwich Rd
Oberlin Rd
Avon Rd
Thorpe Cir – Including Thorpe School
Burley Farm Rd
Stafford Rd
Sheffield Rd
Barbara Rd
Mildred Rd
Whitfield Rd
Wenham St to the Wenham line
Morgan Dr
Wildwood Rd
Toomey St
Juniper Ridge Rd
Cedar Hill Dr
Rocky Hill Cir
Princeton St – to Trinity St
Burley St – Cabot St to Old Burley St
Bradford Rd –
Old Burley St
Burnham Ln
Tulane Rd
Beverly Airport
Trinity St
Dartmouth St
Colby Rd
Lester Rd
Wellesley Rd
Cherry Hill Dr
Laurine Rd
State Rd
Prospect St


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