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The Town of Danvers is required by the Massachusetts Water Management Act Agreement to institute and manage a Water Use Mitigation Program (WUMP).  This program requires the establishment and collection of a fee from any new development, commensurate with the calculated cost to remove two gallons of water use in the Danvers System for each gallon of additional water demand the project adds to the system.  The Town’s Water Withdrawal Permit requires the Town to expend the collected fees to reduce water system demand and to document these reductions to State officials.   For example, the WUMP program funds both the residential and commercial water rebates.   The Town of Danvers offers rebates for upgrades on the following products: toilet, clothes washer, faucet, shower head, rain barrels and wireless rain sensors.   Water rebate dollar amounts range from $25 to $200 depending on the water conservation achieved.

Rebate forms are available online or in Town Offices.  Please call the DPW with any questions.

Note: Rebates are for Danvers' residents only with active accounts in good standing.

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