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Well Installation

Regulation of the Installation of Wells

These regulations are adopted by the Danvers Board of Health for the protection of the public health and as authorized by MGL, Chapter 111, Section 31.

Definition: Well or water well. Any hole or shaft constructed into the ground for the purpose of injecting or extracting water and other fluids, or to monitor ground water levels and water quality. This definition shall not include wells used to de-water excavations or to stabilize hillsides or earth embankments on a temporary basis.

Well Driller: Any person, association, partnership, company, corporation or trust that constructs a well. The person providing immediate field supervision of the well construction, and responsible for the field operation, equipment, materials, personnel and quality of workmanship. The registered individual authorized to drill or dig wells in the Commonwealth.

In addition to the “Driller’s Report” if required by 313 CMR 3.01 (5), the Well Driller shall obtain a permit from the Danvers Board of Health for the installation in Danvers of a well or water well prior to such installation. The application for such permit shall be on a form supplied to the Well Driller by the Danvers Board of Health and shall be accompanied by
a proper site plan(s) of the area(s) for well installation.

No well shall be installed closer than fifty (50) feet from a septic tank. One hundred (100) feet from a subsurface sewage leaching facility; ten (10) feet from a building sewer if all piping is constructed of durable corrosion resistant material with water tight joints, or fifty (50) feet if any other type of pipe is used. One hundred (100) feet form a privy. Ten (10) feet from all property lines.

There shall be a fee for this permit as may be set from time to time by vote of the Danvers Board of Health.

These regulations shall be in effect upon publication.

C. Everett Elliott, Chairman
Anthony S. Patton, M.D.
Edmund J. Kowalski, R. Ph.

Effective date: Upon Publication
Adopted by vote: December 10, 1990
Published in the Danvers Herald, Danvers, MA: December 20, 1990
Filed with the DEP/DWPC: January 15, 1991

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