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Address: 57 Forest Street

Amenities: Walking trails, Amphitheater

Whipple Hill is a large, forested, Open Space area located within Endicott Park. This area is a drumlin, meaning it was formed by the movement of glaciers during the last glacial maximum about 20,000 years ago. A drumlin can be identified by its characteristic steep front face (located in the field) and its long sloping back face (located throughout the trail system). Like many forests in New England, the area is considered to be New Growth Forest, which makes the trees here are younger than 200 years due to a period of human disturbance. Tree species found in this location include White Pine, Red Oak, Beech, and Red Maple. As indicated by the rock walls, this area was once used as pasture for sheep and other livestock. Today, Whipple Hill provides habitat for native New England species such as: Wild Turkey, Cottontail Rabbit, White-tailed deer and Coyote.

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