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Zoning Articles 2021

FEMA Floodplain Overlay District bylaw – Section 31

Floodplain Overlay District Definitions

Floodplain Overlay – Section 5

Floodplain Overlay District – Section 31


Outdoor Storage

Outdoor Storage – Section 7.3

Outdoor Storage – Section 30.13

Outdoor Storage Definitions

Storage Containers

Storage Containers Section 9.4

Storage Containers Definitions

Storage Containers Use Table


Multi-Family Use Table

Multi-Family Dimensional Table

Extended Family Living Areas (EFLA)

EFLA Section 9.3

EFLA Definitions

Planned Developments

Use Variance Section 2

Planned Developments Section 24

Civic Space

Current Zoning Map

Proposed Civic Space Zoning Map


Administration Section 2

Site Plan Review

Site Plan Review Section 4

Site Plan Review Definitions

Off Street Parking Standards Section 10

Cluster Development

Residential Conservation Development Section 33

Residential Conservation Development Use Table

Inclusionary Zoning

Inclusionary Zoning Section 29


Zoning Bylaw Definitions

Dwelling Conversion

Dwelling Conversion Section 30

Dwelling Conversion Definitions

Dwelling Conversion Use Table

Dwelling Conversion Dimensional Table

490-500 Maple Street Owner’s Petition

490-500 Maple Street Petition

490-500 Maple Street Map

Character Based Zoning Districts Technical Corrections

Character Based Zoning Districts Technical Corrections

Character Based Zoning Districts Definitions

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